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Man & Juvenile Female Found in Former Kimís Restaurant
Medford Police found two people inside the former Kimís Restaurant when they responded to the report of a break in at the 2321 South Pacific Highway location. Arrested and charged with criminal trespass while in possession of a firearm and 2nd degree burglary was 23-year-old Brian Matthew Kunkle of Medford. A 17-year-old female found inside was detained and then released.

Kunkle allegedly opened a delivery door on the east side of the building and drove his vehicle inside. Officers found an unsecured door and the vehicle unoccupied with two shotguns in plain view inside it. Officers made announcements and called any occupants to come out, but received no response.

Because of the size of the building and the possibility of suspects being armed the SWAT team was used to search the building. The juvenile girl was located on the ground level and taken into custody. Kunkle came out of his hiding place on the second floor and was arrested.

The incident lasted about 4 and a half hours.
Posted on 7/12/14 5:23AM by Chuck Benson