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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Weekend State Trooper Incidents
Ferris Pamela Morago, 54, of Grants Pass was arrested Saturday afternoon at 1:39 by state troopers and charged with assault 2 and 4. Morago was upset with her parents over a civil suit and wanted to sign off in blood by stabbing herself in the palm with a knife. He brother, Donald Robert Sartorius, 55, began videoing the incident and Morago threw the knife at him. Then struggled with him, raking his face with her fingernails from his forehead to the eye sockets attempting to gouge the eye sockets.

In other Trooper incidents Robert Alan Nelson Junior, 18, was found passed out in a neighbors pickup in the 700 block of Ewe Creek Road. He was awakened and arrested on an outstanding warrant and cited for minor in possession by consumption.

Rural Metro responded to a possible single vehicle rollover Sunday morning at 9:54 on I-5 between exit 55 and 58. They located a silver Ford Ranger that had a blown left tire obviously causing the truck to spinout and strike the guardrail. The driver was no longer on the scene and less than $1500 damage was estimated.

Sunday afternoon a Trooper observed a motorcycle turn onto Highway 199 from Reeves Creek Road crossing over the fog line and proceeding south on the shoulder of the road. The Trooper stopped Jayson Lavern Mode, 38, of Crescent City and arrested him on a felony warrant from Josephine County and an extraditable warrant from Del Norte County. He was arrested and the bike towed.

Troopers investigated a hit and run at milepost 6 on highway 238 where a blue Saturn like car with out of state plates ran over mailboxes.
Posted on 7/7/14 10:08AM by Chuck Benson