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City Council Passes Two Ordinances & Adjourns in 40 Minutes
The Grants Pass City Council passed two ordinances in their Wednesday night meeting and then adjourned in 40 minutes to reconvene in executive session.

The Council first amended the municipal code 1.01.090 titled effective date and declaring an emergency. Normally ordinances take effect 30 days after passage unless there is an emergency situation which could put the ordinance into effect immediately.
The code also allows council to reconsider an ordinance and it was unclear the status of the 30-day clock if notice of reconsideration was given. The amended ordinance now suspends the 30-day clock from the time the motion to reconsider passes until it is resolved.

The second amendment was to the sign code for the historic downtown district. Wording was inadvertently left out of the code and the code amendment adds the correct wording.

Under matters from staff it was announced that the Police and Fire Departments had signed a one year extension to their contracts.
Posted on 7/2/14 7:08PM by Chuck Benson