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Mower Spark Ignited Upper Table Rock Fire
Fire investigators have determined the Upper Table Rock fire was ignited when a disc mower cutting a rye field hit a rock and sparked the blaze.

The Oregon Department of Forestry has computed the cost of battling the 42 acre fire at about $98,000. ODF spokesman Brian Ballou said the agency is still investigating the situation to determine whether the property owners will be held responsible for any or all of the suppression costs.

Investigators from Jackson County Fire District Three determined the worker who started the fire was following all the appropriate fire regulations, but the decision of who will foot the bill falls to the O.D.F.

That fire was mopped up over the weekend and according to O.D.F. is pretty much history, but it will be monitored throughout the week to make sure nothing flares up.
Posted on 6/25/14 9:22AM by Chuck Benson