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Lawsuit filed for 2012 fatal shooting in Medford
A nearly $3 million wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the federal government for the shooting of a man who reportedly rammed a U.S. Marshalís car in 2012.

A marshal shot 20-year-old James Georgeson multiple times on Jan. 5, 2012, when Georgeson reportedly rammed the marshalís vehicle to avoid capture in the Albertsonís parking lot at 113 N. Ross Lane in Medford.

The suit was filed by Karly Greico, who is Georgesonís younger sister, and Kaiden Haight, who was in Georgesonís vehicle when he was shot.

Marshals were seeking Georgeson at the time of the shooting for violating probation.
Posted on 6/11/14 6:43AM by Jared Dill