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Josephine County Commissioners and Citizens Discussed Public Library Proposal
The Josephine County Commissioners held the first of two hearings Thursday afternoon to determine if the requirements had been met by supporters of a new publicly funded library to get the proposal on the ballad in November.

Kate Laskey, the Executive Director of the Josephine community libraries stated that over 10,000 signatures, 25% more than was needed, had been acquired in support of the library.

Laskey also added that the tax levy needed to fund the new opening would be at 39 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.

Public comment was slightly divided on the issue, specifically on the pertinence of further taxes, but was overall supportive, citizens cited the heavy foot traffic that libraries all over the county receive on a daily basis as justification for the proposal along with the need for reliable internet access for rural residents.

The second hearing is scheduled for July 9th in the Anne Basker Auditorium and public comment can still be made at bcc@co.josephine.or.us . or by calling 541-474-5105.
Posted on 6/5/14 5:48PM by Kyle Dunlap