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Lewis Declared the Winner of the Whitewater Hydroplane Race after a Starting Irregularity.
Jeff Lewis, pilot of boat 007, was declared the winner of the Tom Rice Memorial Hydroplane Race this morning following a video review of the start of the Memorial Day Race.

At the conclusion of the competition it appeared Tyler McGinnis had won all four legs of the race making him the overall winner with Jeff Lewis second.

According to the APBA official, the public asked questions about the starting procedure, causing the official declaration to be delayed until this morning following a video review of the start. It showed, through no fault of his own, McGinnis was not on the official starting line when the flag dropped giving him an advantage in the first leg of the race.

The official stated that normally when a racer is not on the starting line he is disqualified, but since he it was not his fault he was put into last place for the first leg, which when the final tally was released placed him third behind Jeff Lewis and Mike Friesen.

Here is a list of the official finish:

1. Jeff Lewis GP
2. Mike Friesen GP
3. Tyler McGinnis Gold beach
4. Joel Hood GP
5. Sean Palmer GP
6. Matt Medart GP Rookie
7. Cameron Kirkland GP Rookie
8. Jesse Reinhart GP Rookie
9. Chris Heath Hoopa, CA
Posted on 5/27/14 3:25PM by Chuck Benson