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District 7 Board Okays Summer Meal Program; Free Breakfasts to Continue Next School Year
The District 7 School Board, at its Tuesday meeting, had nothing but praise for its Food Service department after hearing it had met all the requisites for the Healthy Kids Act of 2010 and finding there were enough credits to warrant no price increase for students next year and the free breakfast program will continue.

When the Board moved on to its action agenda the summer meal program was unanimously approved. The Food Service Department provides meals at no cost to children under the age of 18 at city parks during the summer. It is not a bag lunch program but one that serves a buffet of entrees supplemented with local fruits and produce, most of which comes from local farms.

They estimate serving 22,100 meals on their 47 days of operation this summer that will actually create a projected profit of over $22,000.

The Board also passed the first reading of the districtís directory information policy, which determines what information should be given out about any particular student; what constitutes the publicís right to know and how to protect the studentís right to privacy. Staff will fine tune the policy to be reviewed the next board meeting June 10th at 4:00 p.m.
Posted on 5/27/14 3:05PM by Chuck Benson