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McGinnis Again Dominates WhiteWater Hydroplane Race
Tyler McGinnis, from Gold Beach, driving boat #9 again dominated the Tom Rice Memorial Whitewater Hydroplane race on the Rogue as part of the Boatnik Celebration. McGinnis, after a slow start in the park, won all four legs of the Memorial day event.

Jeff Lewis, piloting boat 007, was second with three seconds and a fourth place finish. Mike Friesen was third finishing second in one leg, third in two and fourth on one leg.

The number of heat finishes were totaled wtih the lowest total wining.

The racers faced unpredictable winds, a large field of boats at the start, 20, which added up to rough water in narrow channels because of the low water.

One boat, number 357, driven by Doug Branham of Hoopa, California did end up capsized. Branham suffered minor injuries that required no medical assistance.

Less than half of the field of 20 boats finished the race.
Posted on 5/26/14 3:17PM by Chuck Benson