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Police arrest man for filing a false police report during busy Boatnik Parade
Grants Pass Department of Public Safety officers arrested a man Saturday at approximately 11:15 a.m. at 419 S.E. K Street for falsely saying a man was armed in the area with a handgun.

Police officers drove to the scene Code 3 because of the potential threat. Upon arrival, they determined a non-criminal custody dispute had occurred. A friend of the female in the argument, identified as 22-year-old Justin Bradley Jones, told authorities the male counterpart in the argument had a gun. Citizens were detained at gunpoint but it was later discovered that no gun was at the scene.

Authorities say the false call could have injured property and citizens because the false report was made during the Boatnik Parade and officers had to quickly respond.

Jones has been lodged in jail on a charge of filing a false police report.
Posted on 5/26/14 8:24AM by Jared Dill