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Learn to Burn Training Exercise Effective Practice for Firefighters
On Saturday Rural/Metro Firefighters were on scene at 809 Coutant Lane in Southwest Grants Pass for a house fire that was intentionally set by the firefighters so they could train on how to extinguish them better and more efficiently.

Saturdayís Burn To Learn event lasted through the early afternoon and gave firefighters an opportunity to see how fire behaves when confined in a compartment such as a bedroom inside a home. They were also able to train on different methods of how to properly extinguish that fire.

These types of training events donít come around very often, so when they do we take full advantage of them. It really helps to get new firefighters trained in fire behavior and extinguishment. It takes multiple resources and a lot of preparation time to pull off a training event like this. Rural/Metro had two engines, two tenders with porta-ponds set up, a rehabilitation rescue unit and 23 firefighters at the training event.

The final burn where the crews burn the house to the ground happened around 1:00 p.m. putting up a large column of smoke and drew many onlookers from around the area.
Posted on 5/19/14 2:40PM by Chuck Benson