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G.P. Council reviews city infrastructure projects outlook
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday workshop heard a presentation from Public Works Director Terry Haugen about massive expenses required to complete the city’s scheduled infrastructure projects.

Haugen told council that in order to complete all the projects for the water, wastewater, transportation and storm water systems it would cost the city a total of $296 million. Items in this estimate include the planning and construction of a new water treatment plant at a cost of $56 million, $19 million for truck line replacements and structural repairs and over $10 million to expand water delivery in the Redwood area. Haugen pointed out that many of these cost estimates were calculated years ago, the oldest plan dating back to 1997, and he recalculated the cost as accurately as he could to account for inflation.

Councilors Dan DeYoung and Jim Williams questioned the excessive costs and City Manager Aaron Cubic said many of these plans do require updating with the potential for some projects to be cut and the first step in developing a new infrastructure strategic plan is to adopt the proposed Urban Growth Boundary. Once the UGB is approved, councilors would then begin developing a new city infrastructure master plan.

City Finance Director Jay Meredith said 80 to 90 percent of the city’s infrastructure costs in capital projects are in Public Works and he saw this workshop as the first in a series of financial workshops that will focus on the city’s debt policy and future infrastructure plans.
Posted on 5/12/14 1:50PM by Jared Dill