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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Selma Area Man Sentenced to 15 Months at Coffee Creek
Justin Lawrence Bennett, 26, was sentenced to 15 months in the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility by Judge Lindi Baker Monday morning. In a plea agreement, Bennett pleaded guilty to Assault four and criminal mischief.

Bennett was the principal involved in an incident on March 13th
in which he met firefighters and medics that had been dispatched to 18026 Redwood Highway to aid an injured woman. Bennett approached the window of the ambulance and told the driver, “If you get out of this ambulance I will kill you.”

Bennett, shirtless and pajama-bottom clad, then left on foot yelling and waving his arms.

Judge Baker Sentenced Bennett to 15 months for assault four for throwing rocks through the window of a car and the residence that injured the woman and 6 months to be served concurrently for the criminal mischief. He was also fined $200 for each count and will be assessed fines and restitution.

A count of burglary one was dismissed because Bennett’s name was on the lease and an assault one charge was disposed of.

Bennett was a passenger in a T-bone accident in 2006 that resulted in part of his frontal lobe being removed and currently suffers from grand mal seizures and is on medication in an attempt to control them.
Posted on 5/12/14 10:45AM by Chuck Benson