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SOUís Honors College Attracting Top Students
Southern Oregon University instituted an Honors College in September in an effort to attract the best and brightest students with free tuition and intellectual discourse.

The collegeís first cohort of 25 students had an average high school GPA of 3.84. Several of those students made their decision to attend S.O.U. because of the Honors College.

Honors College students need a cumulative 3.75 GPA in high school, high SAT or ACT scores and recommendations from former academic advisors to be accepted into the program.

Students receive free tuition, but pay for their dorm rooms and some student fees. In return they agree to keep their grades and school involvement at a high level. Funding is generated through private donations, the S.O.U. Foundation and S.O.U.ís general fund.

Honors College Director, Ken Milliken, says many of the students were identified as eligible after they applied to the college. Milliken expects more students to apply directly as the program expands. The college is capped at 100 students total.
Posted by Chuck Benson