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Dry Winter Keeps Skiers & Snowboarders on Hold
The Mt. Ashland Ski Area, normally open by the beginning of Christmas break, remains closed with the parkís web cam showing a lot of bare ground. The lack of snow is putting a financial hit on the ski park. The slopes opening coinciding with schoolís winter break can account for 20 percent of the parkís annual revenue.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a continued trend of clear, sunny days with temperatures on the mountain in the 40ís at least through New Yearís Day. The long range forecasts donít foresee a significant storm for the next couple of weeks.

Mt. Ashland is not alone. Hooddoo Mountain, also suffering from lack of snow remains closed. The Mt. Shasta Ski Park used snow making equipment to begin a limited opening Thursday. Mt. Bachelor is open with a limited snow pack.

The latest Mt. Ashland has ever opened was February 17th in 1977
Posted by Chuck Benson