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Congressman Walden focuses on health care and forest management
Congressman Greg Walden addressed the Grants Pass Rotary today as part of a multi-destination trip through southern Oregon and while in Grants Pass he focused his attention on the Affordable Care Act and forest management.

Walden says that in his travels the first topic that comes up in recent months is how citizens are affected by the initiation of the Affordable Care Act. Many say their premiums and deductibles have dramatically increased. In addition, 150,000 Oregonians have lost their insurance due to their insurance provider’s lack of compliance with the new federally enforced laws and citizens have been in an uproar over the issue.

Walden says congress needs to focus on allowing citizens to deduct healthcare expenses on their taxes, to shop across state lines and to create healthcare savings accounts.

Walden’s second focus was on forest management and he said he had recently spoken with county officials who are harvesting timber affected by the summer’s wildfires. “When will the BLM deal with their lands? It may be years and at that point it will be a loss,” Walden said. He says the Pacific Northwest has never had an opportunity like now to change forest legislation and lawmakers must be certain to do it correctly.

In regards to the federal government, Walden says, “We’ve got to get back to basic business principles,” in order to balance the nation’s budget.
Posted by Jared Dill