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Reforestation in county underway; Horseracing returns to fairgrounds
Josephine County Forestry Program Manager Vic Harris addressed the board of commissioners during the Wednesday business session about the 10 percent of county owned forestlands that burned during three major fires this last summer.

The Dadís Creek, Brimstone and Stratton fires consumed a total of 2,600 acres and the county is in the process of harvesting 1,070 acres of the lands that are salvageable. Estimations are the acreage will produce 5.5 to six million board feet which will net the county approximately $1.25 to $1.5 million in revenue.

Despite the appearance of many trees having green tops, Harris said the trunks and roots of these trees are scorched and are either dead or dying.

The next step for the forestry department is to reforest the land at an estimated cost of roughly $750,000 over a three year period. This effort will plant 950,000 seedlings on fire ravaged lands.

Commissioners also approved a contract with the Southern Oregon Horseracing Association that will bring another season of horseracing to the Grants Pass Downs and will garner the county $24,000 in revenue.
Posted by Jared Dill