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Grants Pass City Council General Strategic Plan, public input.
A public forum was held Tuesday afternoon to discuss general strategic planning from a city level, and members of the community were encouraged to come forward and share suggestions as to what they would like to see from their city.

The Mayor, as well as other city council members were in attendance, and suggestions included; a continuation of addressing the vagrancy issue, the incorporation of the community’s youth in city affairs, analysis of parking conditions down town, a need for strengthening existing infrastructure as means of enticing investment, as well as the proposition of city-wide Wi-Fi.

The means to which these suggestions are weighed have been designed to place public safety and well-being as the primary goal, and economic sustainability and growth as secondary goals.

Citizens are invited to make suggestions on the city’s website, look for the “Contact City Council” link and send your thoughts to our representatives before the goal setting meeting scheduled for the second week in January.
Posted by Kyle Dunlap