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OLCC Checks 10 Medford Liquor Licensees; 4 Out of Compliance
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, in cooperation with the Medford Police Department conducted minor decoy compliance checks this month and found four businesses out of compliance.
The checks were to combat the sale of alcohol to minors.

The ten stores checked were chosen at random. The decoys were volunteers between the ages of 18 and 20 and resemble their age. They wore appropriate clothing, presented their true identification when asked and were prohibited from lying.

Four of the stores sold an alcoholic beverage to the decoy. Two of the clerks asked for and entered the decoy’s identification into the cash register age verification, then overrode the denial of sale with an alternate date of birth. One asked for I.D. and made the sale anyway and one did not ask for I.D. or the age of the decoy.

The six stores who correctly handled the situation are the 7-Eleven stores on Crater Lake Avenue and on West Main Street, the Spirit Station on Court Street, the Country Store on Kings Highway, the Minute Market on Highland Drive and the Short Stop Market on North Pacific Highway.
Posted by Chuck Benson