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Holiday Fire Safety and Common Sense and to All a Good Night
Holiday Fire Safety and Common Sense and to All a Good Night

Let us join Rural/Metro Fire Department and all Public Safety professionals in a chorus of sound holiday fire safety practices.

As the Christmas trees are righted, lighted and trimmed, and holiday candles add glow and scents, do not forget common sense. We are reminded that it only takes about 40 seconds for a Christmas tree fire to consume an entire room. Improper use of electrical outlets and extension cords along with carelessly placed candles, and even unattended holiday cooking projects can be the cause of these fires.

Our best gift to our fire safety guardians would be a fire-free holiday season. We can help wrap it up by heeding these words to the wise…

• Water your live Christmas trees every day. If they start to show signs of dryness, discard them immediately. Keep trees away from any heat source as this will dry them out faster. Use LED tree lights because they emit less heat and use less power.
• Don’t leave burning candles unattended or burning overnight. Keep candles away from any combustibles such as curtains, stockings, and trees!
• Do not overload electrical outlets and extension cords. Use appropriate, well maintained extension cords.
• Practice safe cooking. Never leave food cooking on your stove top unattended.
Posted by Tom Ray