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Medford Woman Gets Jail Time for Supplying Heroin to Inmate
Jade Renee Powell, 26, of Medford was sentenced to 20 days in jail yesterday after pleading guilty to paying a nurse $500 to deliver heroin to her inmate boyfriend.

Powell is the girlfriend of Andrew Caucutt, 26, of Central Point, who was incarcerated for delivering heroin and supplying contraband. He is scheduled to go to trial December 10th. He has since been released after posting $50,000 bail.

Caucutt allegedly arranged a meeting between Powell and the jail nurse, Camilla Lynn Pierce, in which Powell gave Pierce two envelopes, one with $500 cash and one with a gumball-sized piece of heroin. Pierce gave the heroin to Caucutt and kept the money.

In addition to the jail time Powell will serve four years supervised probation and pay a $400 fine.
Posted by Chuck Benson