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MADGE Arrests Two on Heroin Charges
The Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement investigators arrested two suspects last Wednesday after serving a search warrant on a camper in the 100 block of Washington Street. The warrant was based on a drug investigation surrounding Dennis William Lee, 44, whose address is listed in Sacramento.

Lee attempted to escape when investigators approached, but he ran into additional officers, throwing a cup of liquid in the face of one and actively resisted being taken into custody. Officers utilized a Taser to subdue Lee. He was found to have a 9 millimeter handgun in his pocket at that time. The liquid is believed to be an alcoholic beverage.

Two grams of heroin, three ounces of marijuana, a small amount of meth, packaging, scales and drug records were recovered as well as over $9,000 in cash.

Lee is being held on multiple drug charges as well as being a felon in possession of a firearm, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. His bail is $250,000.

A second suspect, Nicole Leann Hilkey, 23, who also lived in the camper, was arrested for unlawful manufacture, possession and delivery of heroin. Her bail is $20,000.
Posted by Chuck Benson