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TIMER - TEMPLATE - Place Script between head and body tags - ADD THREE HOURS
Brotherís argument ends with shooting near Trail
The argument between two brothers ended with shotgun fire Sunday at approximately 9:31 p.m. near Trail on the West Branch of Elk Creek Road.

Authorities say 36-year-old Michael Chrisco and 32-year-old Joshua Chrisco were in an argument and after Michael went to sleep Joshua took Michaelís sawed-off shotgun and fired at the trailer Michael was sleeping in.

Michael was struck in the face with the pellets and he was taken by ambulance to Rogue Regional Medical Center with serious injuries.

Officers arrested Joshua and charged him with multiple crimes including first-degree assault and he is lodged in the Jackson County Jail with bail set at over $2 million.

Authorities do not know the exact details of the argument but they believe alcohol was involved in the incident.
Posted by Jared Dill