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Medford to Rent Jail Beds from Jackson County
The City of Medford has come to an agreement with the Jackson County Jail to rent three jail beds to avoid city prisoners lodged on municipal warrants released early because of overcrowding.

At a cost of $100 per bed per day, the city will reimburse the county $72,000 this fiscal year ending in 2014. The annual cost for the next full year would be $109,500.

The agreement stems from having the Medford police see suspects lodged on dozens of municipal warrants only to have them freed within hours because of overcrowded conditions. People with multiple warrants are released early and then donít show up for court and another warrant is issued.

With the three beds available, the worst of the lot will serve out their sentences and show up for their court dates.

These suspects are mostly shoplifters and those who have committed misdemeanor assaults.

Sheriff Winters welcomes the agreement that allows the Medford P.D. to keep lawbreakers in check and generate additional revenue for Jackson County.
Posted by Chuck Benson