October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013





A.     The following is a list of all vacancies for full time jobs during the reporting period:





B.     During the reporting period, the following recruitment sources were used in finding job applicants:




C. Referrals have come from the following sources:



Full time positions Recruitment source of Total number of interviewees

filled by job title: hiree: from all sources for position:



Total number of persons interviewed during the applicable period:


The period from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 has seen Grants Pass Broadcasting hire no full time individuals.



Recruitment source Total number of Full time positions

(Name, Address, Telephone, applications this for which this source

Contact Person) source has provided was utilized:

during this period:





Section 3: Supplement (non vacancy specific) Recruitment Activities Undertaken by KAJO/KLDR:


(Description of Activities)


Career Fair: Gladiola Alternative High School, Grants Pass, OR January 4, 2013


Career Fair: Grants Pass High School, Grants Pass, OR April 25, 2013


Career Class: Lorna Byrne, Cave Junction, OR June 4, 2013


Activity: Career Fair

Date: January 4, 2013

Participating Employees: Jeanette Stark Program Director

Host/Sponsor of Activity: Gladiola Alternative High School, 1137 SE Gladiola, GP Oregon

Contact: 541-474-5790


At Gladiola Alternative High School, Jeanette Stark spent 45 minutes and gave a brief overview of daily tasks. Jeanette explained the educational requirements of each position within KAJO/KLDR Radio. Jeanette talked about her own experience and how she moved up the ladder from receptionist to on-air to Program Director of both stations. She explained about job-shadowing and internships and took questions from students, who were all required to take notes as part of this class. An invitation was given to all students to tour the studios.



Activity: Career Fair

Date: April 25, 2013

Participating Employee: Scott Smith, AM On-Air Announcer

Brenda Amaral, FM Announcer and Promotions Director

Host/Sponsor of Activity: Grants Pass High School, 830 NE 9th Street, Grants Pass, Or

Contact: Joann Snook 541-474-5710


On April 25th, 2013, Scott and Brenda were presenters at Grants Pass High School's Career Day.  They spoke to several different groups of students.  They discussed all of the different positions/departments at our radio stations; KLDR and KAJO.  They talked about the on-air announcers, news writers and reporters, programming, production, sales, promotions, traffic, copywriting, IT and engineering staff.  They answered any questions that the students had, and talked about the kind of education/degrees that would help them achieve a career in the radio business.


Activity: Career Class

Date: June 4, 2013

Participating Employees: Tom Ray, AM On-Air Annoucer

Brenda Amaral, FM On-Air Announcer and Promotions Director

Host/Sponsor of Activity: Lorna Byrne Middle School, 102 S. Junction Ave, Cave Junction, OR

Conatct: Tim Talty 541-592-2163


Tom Ray and Brenda Amaral attended this career day. There were 3,50 minute sessions. Job descriptions such as announcing, production, programming, music, writing and sales were discussed in each session. They set a table up with our banners and a radio broadcasting KLDR and did live breaks during each session, which the kids loved. Tom showed them what it was like to announce songs and then let them try it with the microphone. The kids also got to take turns reading copy. Tom and Brenda told them a little history of KAJO and KLDR as well as the value of these stations to the community.



Intern Program: We have an intern program with the Hidden Valley FBLA. The students get to come and shadow the employees of KAJO/KLDR the week of Oct. 6-10 and in exchange we get to use their services in helping to promote the station in the community or for extra help at any event we have. The kids earn time and learn the behind the scene actions of a business which is credit to their state competition for FBLA.


We also had one intern this year, Keith Fawcett from May 2012 to Present and a new applicant for internship from Kyle Dunlap in August of 2013.


Scholarship Program: Establishment of the KAJO/KLDR Scholarship, a $1,000.00 scholarship, is awarded to a deserving senior graduate of New Hope Christian School. This student must be interested in pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism.