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Robber and kidnapper who terrorized elderly woman sentenced
A 31-year-old man who robbed and kidnapped a 91-year-old woman was sentenced today by Judge Lindi Baker to 15 years in prison.

Craig Allen Cruz broke into the home of 91-year-old Juanita Compton on Jan. 9th of this year through a bathroom window. Once inside, he pounced on the sleeping woman while she was in bed, threatened her with a nine-inch-fixed-blade knife and threatened to rape her, kill her and kill her family if she didnít give him all of her valuables.

Cruz ransacked the home and stole everything including Compton and her late husbandís wedding rings. While going through the home, he located Comptonís checkbook and he figured out that she had $5,000 left in her bank account. He then ordered her into the car and they drove around town cashing checks. Cruz ordered Compton into Wal-Mart to cash another check while he waited in the parking lot. Compton managed to alert a store employee to the situation and police were notified. Comptonís car was found abandoned in the nearby Taco Bell and police arrested Cruz shortly afterward.

Compton, due to the stress and fear created from her run-in with Cruz, had to sell the home built by her husband where she had resided for 66 years.

Judge Baker said she had a duty to protect society from Cruz and he deserved the longest sentence possible.

Cruz pled guilty to charges of burglary, robbery, assault, theft, kidnapping, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and possession of meth. He will not be eligible for programs or good time served while in prison.
Posted by Jared Dill 10/23/14 12:46PM




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