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Grants Pass Police Officers Justified in Blossom Drive Shooting Death

The Josephine County District Attorney, Stephen Campbell, has concluded his review of the officer-involved shooting which occurred September 21st at 144 Northwest Blossom Drive and concluded all three officers were justified in the use of deadly force.

The incident began when Daniel Diaz crossed the street from his home to confront his cousin, Jesus Diaz, and produced a semi-automatic hand gun, pointed it at Jesus and threatened to shoot him for planting computer chips in his head. He then fired a shot into the air. Jesusís wife called 911 at 9:38 p.m.

Officers arrived and were able to communicate with Daniel periodically on the phone and through a front window screen. Diaz could be seen moving through the house putting on additional clothing and cursing police. At 11:11 p.m. Diaz fired a shot inside the house. 15 minutes later Diaz stepped on to a side patio and fire the hand gun at a neighborís occupied home. At that time Officer Scott Williams fired one round and Officer Jeff Craven fired three times. One of those rounds went through seven or eight layers of Diazís clothing and lodged near his neck but did not perforate the skin.

Diaz reentered the home and came into view of Officer Max Aunschat. Diaz racked a round into his gun and leveled it at Officer Aunschat. Aunschat then fired one round from his AR-15 rifle striking Diaz in the right front chest eventually causing his death.

Diaz committed a similar crime on August 13th when he approached Jesus with a baseball bat and made the same threats to his cousin and his family. Two charges of menacing were pending from that incident. One of the conditions for Danielís release was that he have no contact with the cousin or his family
Posted by Chuck Benson 10/30/14 8:40AM







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