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Marijuana dispensary operator sent to prison
Judge Michael Newman sentenced today a high-profile marijuana distributor, 64-year-old Richard Larry Lacey, to two years in the Oregon Department of Corrections.

A jury found Lacey guilty on Feb. 14 of 28 separate counts. All counts were a variation of manufacture, distribution and possession of marijuana.

In 2010 cops arrested Lacey for distributing marijuana out of his business, the Get Your Hemp on Pipe Shop, located on 6th Street in Grants Pass. He was arrested again a year later for distributing marijuana out of his Wolf Creek home and from a compassion center he operated in Grants Pass.

Judge Newman said sentencing Lacey was difficult because his attitude towards the law and his courtroom had been atrocious during trial. But he needed to distance himself from Lacey’s behavior and sentence him strictly on the crimes. Newman pointed out that Lacey sold marijuana on 10 specific incidents and three of those were after he was indicted on his first case. He also believed Lacey would not comply with probation and that he made a mockery of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program by violating the law.

Newman said finally that he believed marijuana would be legal in Oregon sooner than later. “You’re not going to be in the marijuana business legally ever,” Newman said referring to Lacey’s felony convictions.

Lacey’s attorney, Larry Roloff, filed a motion that Lacey be released pending an appeal in the case but Judge Newman denied the motion due to Lacey’s lack of compliance with the court.
Posted by Jared Dill

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