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Program Director / Announcer
Birthdate: February 27th Nickname: Net
Birth City:
Washington, DC
Favorite TV Shows:
I Dream of Jeannie

My parents were married in Grants Pass,Oregon in 1957. I was born six years later in Washington DC, where my dad was stationed in the Army. My family moved back to Grants Pass when I was nine months old. I attended New Hope Christian School while in Kindergarten. I was six my dad decided to move our family, along with my new sister Kari, north to Alaska. We lived on a floating logging camp where all the men were loggers, all the women were homemakers, and all the children were taught in a single classroom by one teacher. I was catching Salmon and Halibut by the age of six. To pass time, our family would walk the shores around our island to observe bears rummaging in the dumps. I enjoyed watching beavers build their dams and picking wild Alaskan cotton. On Sundays, we would pile in our boat and explore small islands, inlets, glaciers, and hunter cabins. It was a peaceful lifestyle. The peace was shattered on the day my dad was killed in a plane crash; I was 8 years old. My mom, still pregnant with my youngest sister, moved our family back to Grants Pass; life went on.

I am the oldest of three girls. I am married to Wendell Stark. We began our lives together in June of 1984. We have four grown children and thirteen grandchildren; we currently raise three of them. I began working for KAJO in March of 1991; I signed-on to our FM station for the first time at nine A.M. July 4, 1993. I call it my God-job. I love what I do! You will find me on KAJO from 6AM to 10AM each weekday and KLDR from 10AM to 2PM.

May God richly bless you, guard and protect you.