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Camp Creek Complex Mostly Contained
The Camp Creek Complex covers several small fires on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in southern Oregon including the 15-acre Bailey Fire, Camp Creek Fire, also 15 acres and the 50-acre Cluster Fire are contained and in patrol status.

Firefighters were supported by helicopter bucket drops as they worked to contain Fire 668, a five acre fire on the north slope of McLoughlin Peak.

Smith Rock Cluster, is a group of six small fires in a basin north of Smith Rock. A hotshot crew has lined five of the six fires and is building fireline around the sixth. Fire 666 is less than one acre in size, east of the Smith Rock Cluster. Three rapellers worked to contain it.

Mop-up continued on Fire 672. It is 40 acres within the Sky Lakes Wilderness. It rained on Fire 790 Monday night. The fire is 250-300 acres in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. Firefighters began implementing the indirect suppression strategy by clearing ladder and ground fuels from alongside the roads that will be used for containment lines.

The helitack crew contained the three small fires in the Seven Lakes Basin. There is a newly detected fire, less than one-tenth acre in size.

515 personnel are assigned to this complex, supported by three helicopters and five engines.
Posted on 8/6/14 10:20AM by Chuck Benson