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City Council decides to look further into adult business nuisance regulation
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday workshop decided to look further into nuisance regulations for adult businesses.

Community Development Director Michael Black addressed council about the proposed ordinance. He described that adult use businesses are any business that does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to patron the establishment. The current city ordinance says adult use businesses have to be 200 feet away from residential zoning and at least 1,000 feet from libraries, parks and schools in addition to other public services and venues.

The new ordinance would be designed to regulate chronic nuisance properties which are any business that receives three or more nuisance violations within a thirty day period. If a business falls out of compliance they can appeal and abate the problem. Problems consist of mostly illegal activity including allowing patrons to perform drug deals, assaults and various other criminal activities. Public Safety Chief Bill Landis gave the former Red Rock Lounge as an example of a business that could be regulated with the new ordinance.

The majority of council gave staff a thumbs up to investigating the issue further and it will be revisited in another workshop.
Posted on 6/23/14 2:17PM by Jared Dill