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High Tech Crime Task Force to Reorganize
The Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force, consisting of officers from both local and national law enforcement agencies announced yesterday it will disassemble its Central Point Headquarters, but the officers will continue to collaborate on cases.

According to Central Point Police Chief Kristine Allison, the task force is not disbanding and will continue its partnership with the FBI.

Recent decreases in the cost of technology and specialized training mean agencies have the ability to investigate their own cases in house. The officers will continue to do the same work, they just wont be in the same location.

The task force began in 2005, handling 12 cases the first year. That number increased to triple digits within five years. The Task force was made up of Officers from southern Oregon plus representatives of Jackson County D.A.s office, the FBI and the office of Homeland Security.
Posted on 6/18/14 9:21AM by Chuck Benson