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Ashland Paying Residents to Replace Thirsty Lawns
In Ashland, city officials are trying to reduce water demand by offering residents rebates on their water bills if they replace sprinkler-irrigated lawns with less-thirsty landscaping.

The city averages 20 inches of precipitation a year but it's in the middle of a drought. It depends on the snow pack for its water supply, water demand more than triples in the summer, and snowfall was so light last winter the ski area didn't open.

City officials say that drought conditions are moving north from California, so they've adapted the idea of rebates from that state and others in the Southwest.

Under Ashland's plan, converting a lawn of 3,000 square feet could result in a $1,500 rebate.
Posted on 6/17/14 3:31PM by Chuck Benson