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Elevated Bacteria Counts Recorded in Southern Oregon Creeks
Routine water quality tests in four Jackson County Creeks show state bacteria standards are being exceeded and pose an elevated risk of illness and infection for swimmers and waders. Low water levels are being blamed for the contamination levels that are typically not seen until much later in the summer.

The tests look for E.coli bacteria, but the high levels suggest other strains or parasites, such as giardia, could also be present. There are a wide range of symptoms that can strike anyone who ingests the contaminated water, the majority of which are gastrointestinal.

The four creeks that were tested are Ashland’s Neil Creek, Bear Creek from Phoenix to the Rogue River, Griffin Creek from Medford to the Rogue, and Jackson Creek from Central Point to the Rogue.

People are urged to use caution when entering the waterways and to take extra care to avoid swallowing the water or letting it come in contact with an open wound
Posted on 6/17/14 10:05AM by Chuck Benson