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State Police to Lead Investigation into Officer Involved Shooting in Ashland
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police are investigating an officer involved shooting in Ashland. Deputies were called to 35 Mistletoe Road at 10:05a.m. today. At some point shots were fired, at least one of which by an officer or deputy, and personnel from law enforcement agencies as far north as Central Point responded.

According to sources in law enforcement, sheriff’s deputies were making a call to the property. During the ensuing commotion at least one officer or deputy fired their weapon. A witness told KDRV-TV a person was later taken away covered in a blanket on a gurney, although official spokespeople would not confirm, nor would they comment on the condition of the suspect or officers involved.

No-trespassing signs placed at the home identify the resident as a Mr. Harris. County records show Earl C. Harris owned the property until September 2013, when ownership transferred to U.S. Bank.

The Major Assault and Death Investigations Unit, a team consisting of law enforcement from across Jackson County, will continue the investigation. Meanwhile officials confirm Oregon State Police will be leading an investigation of their own into the officer involved shooting.
Posted on 6/10/14 4:27PM by Chuck Benson