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Sheriff takes polygraph test to prove Sheriff’s Office funds were reallocated
Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson has publicly announced he stands by his testimony that County Commissioner Simon Hare moved money from the Sheriff’s Office budget in 2012 to make an appeal to voters to vote yes on a proposed public safety levy that was eventually defeated but Hare calls the accusation misled and impossible.

Videographer Dale Matthews recorded footage of Gilbertson making the statement during a town hall meeting in Cave Junction where he accused Hare of moving $500,000 in funding from the Sheriff’s Office until after the election was held.

In a press release disseminated by the Sheriff’s Office Wednesday afternoon, Gilbertson said an article written by the Daily Courier caused readers to question the accuracy of his story. He submitted himself to a polygraph examination on Tuesday and the release states the polygraph administrator said, “It is my opinion that Gil Gilbertson is being truthful in answering relevant questions.”

Commissioner Hare, in response to Gilbertson’s press release says, “It sounds as though what Gil believes what he says but there is no way a single commissioner could make that decision.” The board as a whole voted to move the funds from the Sheriff’s Office as a new state law instituted at the time allowed the transfer of federal forest reserve money to public safety agencies. The board then reallocated $425,000 back to the Sheriff’s Office as part of the 2012-13 fiscal year budget.
Posted on 5/15/14 9:09AM by Jared Dill