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Revocation of MaryJane’s Attic’s Business License Upheld in Court
Jackson County Circuit Judge Timothy Gerking Tuesday upheld the city of Medford’s right to revoke the business license of MaryJane’s Attic and Basement for unlawfully selling marijuana.

The Judge found the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act governing medical marijuana is in conflict with federal law. Gerking also said substantial evidence showed the business was not operating lawfully under Oregon law. The city revoked the business license in March.

Last September the Medford City Council enacted an ordinance banning marijuana dispensaries. On March 20th the council enacted a permanent moratorium on marijuana dispensaries.

MaryJane’s recently obtained a state license to operate a marijuana dispensary.

Gerking did not rule on whether Medford’s ordinance and moratorium violates state law.
Posted on 5/14/14 11:00AM by Chuck Benson