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Reservoir Water Levels Improving
The recent surge of wet weather is helping fill local reservoirs although concerns of a summer drought remain.

Strong in-flows helped Lost Creek Lake surge from 10 feet below normal two weeks ago to more than five feet above normal as of yesterday according to the Corps of Engineers.

The reservoir is so far ahead of its filling schedule the regulators upped releases into the Rogue for the first time since Mid-September. Those releases will be increased again this evening to 2,500 cubic feet per second.

The Applegate reservoir has improved but remains more than 10 feet shy of its filling schedule. The updated forecast calls for the lake to be four feet shy of its filling schedule by the end of the month.

The recent rains have helped rebuild precipitation levels for the Rogue basin to 50 percent of normal, however the snowpack remains only 30 percent of average.
Posted by Chuck Benson