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City Council reviews Water Treatment Plant Facility Plan
The Grants Pass City Council during their weekly workshop Tuesday received an update on the Water Treatment Plant Facility Plan.

The presentation was delivered by representatives of the engineering firm Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc., who said the structure of the over 80-year-old Water Treatment Plant has continued to deteriorate and the plant would crumble during a major seismic event.

A Water Treatment Advisory Committee was formed over the summer and the committee determined that the best option would be the construction of a new plant at a new location instead of the sizable costs to upgrade the current plant.

MSA, Inc., says the new plant will cost approximately $56 million, would stand for 75 plus years and could handle 30 million gallons of water a day with the possibility to expand to 45 million gallons. Several councilors felt the capacity could be reduced to allow for project savings by reducing the capacity. The current facility has peak flows of approximately 15 million gallons daily during the summer.

The approval to move forward with the plan is on the agenda for the Feb. 5 council meeting.
Posted by Jared Dill