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Medford Council to Consider Rezoning 856 Acres
The City of Medford Planning Commission is looking at 50 parcels, a total of 856 acres, to be rezoned to meet residential, commercial and industrial development needs during the next 20 years.

The Commission is expected to make its recommendations to the Medford City Council on February 27th. Public hearings concerning the properties are scheduled for January 23rd and February 13th.

A cluster of 93 acres between East McAndrews and Hillcrest Roads, bracketed by Pierce and Foothill Roads has already drawn responses from several hundred nearby residents in the form of written letters or signed petitions protesting the changes that would result from the rezoning.

According to a Medford planner, Oregon requires a municipality to have enough land to accommodate employment and residential needs for the next 20 years. That can be accomplished by expanding the city’s urban growth boundary, intensify density within the boundary, or utilize a combination of the two, which is what is being recommended to the Council.
Posted by Chuck Benson