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Medford School District Asks Teachers for Ratification Vote
Following a marathon negotiating session Tuesday the Medford School District asked the Education Association to present the Districtís most recent proposal to its members for a ratification vote.

The session, which contained several proposals and counter proposals, began with the Districtís offering that included the six agreements achieved in the January 7th negotiations. The Association presented a counter proposal, to which the District responded with an amended proposal.

The Association provided a second counter offer, but the district asked for their amended proposal to be taken to the Associationís membership.

The new offer moves the early retirement age from 58 to 57 and reflects minor changes regarding the role and authority of the insurance committee.

The associationís proposal asks for an eleven percent raise, 40 minutes of additional prep time per day, and a three percent stipend for teachers with 17 years or more longevity with the District.
Posted by Chuck Benson