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“Multi-modal” and “Road Diet” Buzz-words in Highway 99 Plan
“Multi-modal” and “Road Diet” Buzz-words in Highway 99 Plan

A “road diet” may be in the works for State Highway 99 from Valley View Road in Ashland to Garfield Street in Medford. The Ashland City Council coined that term for the North Main Street project which transformed a four lane corridor into two lanes of travel with a center turn lane, bicycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings.

The Oregon Department of Transportation began developing a similar “multi-modal” plan 2˝ years ago. Traffic counts and projections show that vehicle traffic could still be handled efficiently with two lanes along that stretch of Highway 99.

ODOT’s proposal would enhance bicycle travel and safety, upgrade access to public transportation and improve safety for pedestrians crossing Highway 99.

ODOT studies reveal that most of the work could be accomplished within the existing right of way, without need of additional land purchases. Jackson County, Medford, Talent and Pheonix will all need to be on board for the project. According to ODOT, full implementation of the project is still five of more years away, dependent on funding.
Posted by Tom Ray