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Wheelchair Bound Man Robbed; Suspect Arrested
Medford police arrested 26-year-old Jesse Allen Lane of Medford for second degree robbery and first degree theft and burglary at the Medford Motel 6 Tuesday morning at about 9:38.

Officers obtained information that Lane, well known to local law enforcement, was the primary suspect in the robbery of a 63-year-old wheelchair bound man in the Cascade Inn Sunday afternoon.

Officer’s information indicated Lane was possibly armed with a handgun and so police evacuated nearby motel rooms, then phoned Lane’s room and ask him to step outside. He did and was taken into custody without incident. The gun turned out to be a fake.

The investigation revealed the victim won a large sum of money playing video lottery and an employee announced the winnings to the rest of the patrons. Lane followed the victim to his motel room and before the door could be closed, entered the room, grabbed the money, wrestled with the victim and then fled with well over $750.

His bail is set at $1,065,000.
Posted by Chuck Benson