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Three Former Red Lion Buildings Demolished to Make Room for 100 Parking Spaces
Demolition of an older portion of the former Red Lion Inn has reduced three buildings and a swimming pool to make way for a parking lot. The demolition will continue into January.

The new Inn at the Commons, formerly the Red Lion, has a new Lark’s restaurant now open to go along with its convention center that will use the new parking lot during events.

City officials have eyed more parking in the area because long-range plans indicate more corporate offices could locate around the commons.

The City is also looking for more parking near Rogue Community College. The former Dollar GMC building at the corner of Riverside Avenue and 10th Street will be demolished next year that will likely add 100 parking spaces.

Combined with the former Red Lion property the city of Medford’s downtown will gain about 200 parking spaces.
Posted by Chuck Benson