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Council Votes to Amend Ward Boundaries
The Grants Pass City Council voted Wednesday night to amend the boundaries of the four wards than make up representative districts in the city.

The population has grown more in the two southern wards giving ward four, the southwest ward more than double the population of the two northern wards, one and two.

The council voted to make changes effective January 1, 2015 that would give ward one 27.7 percent of the population, ward two 25.7, ward three 21.9, and ward four 24.7 percent.

Ward one will be north of Bridge and M Streets and west of 6th street. Ward two will be north of the Rogue River and east of 6th Street. Ward three will be south of the Rogue River and southeast of a line from 6th street at the river to Highway 199 and the center line of 199 from their intersection to the southwest.

Ward four will be west of 6th Street and south of Bridge and M Streets and north of 199. It will include the area north of Bridge and west of Lincoln Road.

The 2015 effective date was selected to nullify what would be a runoff election between four councilors who would find themselves in the same ward. Mark Gatlin would face Dan DeYoung
While Rick Ryker would run against Jim Williams.

The council also passed and another extension of the Cable Television franchise agreement with Charter Communications for one year while a more agreeable contract to the city can be negotiated from the less than optimum proposal received from the cable company within the last two weeks.
Posted by Chuck Benson