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Douglas Grand Jury Rules Officers Used Justified Force in Canyonville Death
A Douglas County Grand Jury has ruled Deputies used justified force when they deployed tasers to control Walter Ray McKelvey, 27, who later died.

McKelvey called 911 in March of this year at 8:38 p.m. saying he was at the Canyonville Rays Foodplace and was being followed by two men. Deputies quickly ascertained there was no one following McKelvey, who then asked for a ride to the casino.

He was referred to the casino shuttle which was on the scene but he declined and walked to Main Street and began to flag down vehicles. Deputies attempted to talk him out of the street and were ignored.

They attempted to detain him, but he resisted, running down the street. Deputies deployed their tasers. McKelvey continued to resist even after being placed in custody, and shortly afterward stopped breathing. CPR was immediately begun, but medical personnel pronounced him deceased at 10:06 p.m.

The state medical examiner ruled the cause of death was methamphetamine intoxication, excited delirium and a colloid cyst on the ventricle.
Posted by Chuck Benson