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Contract Nurse Arrested for Supplying Inmate with Heroin
A nurse employed by ConMed, a contractor for the Jackson County Jail, was arrested this week on charges of unlawful delivery and possession of heroin and supplying contraband.

The 45-year-old Camilla Lynn Pierce, of Eagle Point, was arraigned Tuesday and her case will go before a Grand Jury today. She was released on bail of $50,000 Wednesday.

It is alleged a Monday transaction involved inmate Andrew Caucutt, 25 of Central Point and Jade Renee Powell, 26, of Medford.

It is believed Caucutt set up a meeting between Pierce and Powell. Powell gave Pierce two envelopes, one containing a gumball size piece of heroin and the second containing $500. Pierce delivered the heroin to Caucutt and kept the money.

Pierce admitted the transaction to police before her arrest
Posted by Chuck Benson