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No Smoking at Transit Shelters and Bus Stops
There is no smoking allowed at the Josephine County Transit Shelters and at the transit bus stops. The county commissioners unanimously passed the policy at the weekly business Wednesday morning in the Anne Basker Auditorium with Commission Chair Simon Hare pointing out it is merely an extension of county policy at every county venue. Signs will be posted soon.

The Commissioners also approved pass-through funds of $159,879 to continue early childhood intervention through the next six months until the state system is in place.

The Commissioners passed, primarily through the consent calendar, over $600,000 in pass-through funds with most of it going to abuse prevention programs, making the Commissioner’s proclamation declaring the week of October 23rd through the 31st as “Red Ribbon” week appropriate. Wearing the red ribbon signifies being free from drugs.
Posted by Chuck Benson