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Motorcycle versus UPS truck collision ends in fatality-UPDATE
A motorcycle and a UPS truck collided at 8500 Galice Road Thursday at approximately 4:13 p.m. and the carnage ended in the death of a woman.

According to the Sherrif’s Office, 60-year-old Joan Bille and her husband were riding their motorcycles when Bille drifted across the yellow centerline as the two were approaching Morrison’s Lodge. A UPS truck driver, who had just made a delivery at the lodge, began to pull out into the road and stopped abruptly when he saw Bille approaching but she still collided head-on with the truck.

Mercy Flights transported Bille to Rogue Regional Medical Center where she died during the night.

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson says no charges will be filed in this case.
Posted on 10/5/12 11:59PM by Jared Dill