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Hashish Manufacture Ingnights House Fire
Two people allegedly attempting to make hashish in the bathroom of a west Medford Home were burned when the room erupted in flames.

Clayton Morgan, 27, and a 23-year-old woman suffered burns in the fire which started at 9:05 Saturday morning at 655 Pine Street. Both were taken to Rogue Valley Medical Center for treatment.

A Medford Fire inspector said Morgan was making hashish in his bathtub when an electric heater kicked on, igniting the butane gas he was using to heat the drug.

Morgan’s girlfriend, Nicole Muhnickel, 27, was home with her two daughters when the fire started but they were able to escape unharmed.

Morgan was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon but faces felony charges of third degree assault, manufacturing a controlled substance, reckless burning, reckless endangering and criminal mischief.

The name of the woman with Morgan in the bathroom is unavailable.
Posted on 11/27/11 4:06PM by Chuck Benson