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Judge Baker sentences two cases of interest
Judge Lindi Baker today in Josephine County Circuit Court sentenced two cases of interest.
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Posted on 9/11/14 1:49PM by Jared Dill
Wind Change May Bring Happy Camp Smoke into Southern Oregon
The Happy Camp Fire continues to grow and a shift in the wind may bring smoke back into the Rogue Valley. Yesterday’s winds pushed the smoke in a southwesterly direction, but today the forecast is for northerly winds.
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Posted on 9/11/14 11:06AM by Chuck Benson
Walraven Gets Second Look Hearing in Josephine County Circuit Court
A second-look hearing was convened in Josephine County Circuit Court this morning for Trevor Walraven, Judge Gerking presiding. Walraven was convicted of aggravated murder at the age of 14 in adult court in Jackson County.
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Posted on 9/11/14 10:51AM by Chuck Benson
Happy Camp Fire claims structures
The Happy Camp Complex of Fires has claimed several structures.
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Posted on 9/11/14 8:54AM by Jared Dill
Commissioners approve grant for airport weather system
The Josephine County Commissioners during their Wednesday evening Weekly Business Session approved the acceptance of a grant to build an automatic weather observation system at the Grants Pass Airport.
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Posted on 9/11/14 5:25AM by Jared Dill
Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Imposes Additional Fire Restrictions
As a result of current fire conditions the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest has revised the Public Use Restrictions across the forest. Weather continues to be warm and dry with little to no change forecasted.
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Posted on 9/10/14 3:42PM by Chuck Benson
Cavemen receive recognition from the Chamber of Commerce
The Grants Pass and Josephine County Chamber of Commerce recognized the Grants Pass Active Club and the Oregon Caveman Club today at the Gospel Rescue Mission for bringing the Cavemen back to Grants Pass and refurbishing the Caveman Statue located on the chamber property.
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Posted on 9/10/14 11:11AM by Jared Dill
Former Gymnastics Coach also Faces Federal Charges of Child Porn
A former gymnastics coach and sports photographer who was arrested in 2012 on child-pornography charges in Jackson County for allegedly videotaping girls while they changed was arrested again Monday on a federal warrant stemming from similar charges.
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Posted on 9/10/14 10:50AM by Chuck Benson
Phone call forces lockdown of Phoenix High School
An anonymous caller threatened the potential for a school shooting at Phoenix High School Tuesday afternoon and school authorities quickly locked the building down.
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Posted on 9/10/14 10:42AM by Jared Dill
Two Women Get 3+ Years Each for Fraudulent Purchases at Rogue Valley Stores
Two California women who ripped off $4,500 worth of merchandise and cash using bogus travelers checks and fraudulent exchanges at Rogue Valley stores in July will each spend more than three years in prison.
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Posted on 9/10/14 10:37AM by Chuck Benson

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