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City Council Considers Reservoir Size & Community Survey
The Grants Pass City Council is faced with a deteriorating 60+ year old water reservoir, that according to a Murray & Smith Associates consultant is about 1.5 million gallons short of what storage volume is recommended to meet current needs in pressure zone one.

The question isn’t about whether to replace it or not, but what size reservoir would be needed. Brian Ginter, the consultant, told the city council work shop that building a 5.5 million gallon reservoir now would, in his opinion, is more efficient than building one the same size now and adding two more later to deal with population expansion.

The council seemed to be leaning in that direction and will deal with the size of the new reservoir at their December 7th meeting.

Councilors then heard the results of the downtown survey from Community Development Director Michael Black.

Councilor Dan DeYoung observed the sampling was so small, 147 responses, and the responses so similar that it appeared as if one demographic filled out the survey.

Councilman Ric Ryker and Director Black felt the survey had validity.
Posted on 11/28/11 10:11PM by Chuck Benson